"I plan on marrying you." Show Notes

Emerging from his brother's shadow, Chizuo Matsumoto gets married.

When I found out Shoko Asahara, the cult leader of Aum Shinrikyo, was married and, more impressively, stay married, I wanted to know more about his wife, Tomoko Ishii. His daughters have been quite outspoken (some in support of him, others against) and a few years ago, there were rumors that his son might take over the leadership. Even now, there are rumors that the cult’s successor, Aleph, continues to support, or have contact with, his family. But Tomoko Ishii is rarely mentioned.

So when we reached the years after Chizuo Matsumoto finishes school and Fumihiko Takayama’s book does a detour into Tomoko Ishii, including speaking with her classmates, I was enthralled. Episode 3 covers Tomoko Ishii life up to her meeting Chizuo Matsumoto; the next episode will continue with the early years of their marriage, before the formation of Aum Shinrikyo.

Pacific Ocean -Kujukuri Beach- in Japan by Drone 4K (DJI Mavic Air ...

Kujukuri Beach, in Chiba Prefecture.

Undated photo of Chizuo Matsumoto and Tomoko Ishii.

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