Jul 17, 2020 • 33M

In Search of a Guru in India

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Atsushi Sakahara survived terrorism at the hands of doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo, now he's facing Indie doc distribution.
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In 1985-1987, Shoko Asahara goes on a number of trips to India in search of a guru to validate and guide his (so far) self-taught yoga practise. His travels take him to the ashrams of a number of Indian religious teachers including Pilot Baba and the Dalai Lama. Though his actions may seem pure, his sinister intentions soon become clear.

This meeting has long been used against the Dalai Lama by his critics. We also want to be clear that our research about the meetings was sourced from interviews Fumihiko conducted with members of the Tibetan Exiles Government. These may be biased and try to present only one version of the encounters. So taking it all with a grain of salt, Atsushi and Pearl waddle through the series of meetings between the leaders of two very very different interpretations of Buddhism in the modern era.

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