Capsule Prologue: 25 Years


On March 20, 1995, Toru Toyoda and Katsuya Takahashi, respectively the perpetrator and driver, planted sarin on the Hibiya line, train B711T. Toyoda boarded the train at Naka Meguro Station, punctured the sarin at Ebisu Station and got off. The next stop Hiro-o Station, then Roppongi Station, where director Atsushi Sakahara boarded. Before the next stop at Kamiyacho station, passengers began to panic. Sakahara got off at Kamiyacho Station. The train continued to Kasumigaseki with its first car empty, and then all the passengers were evacuated and the train taken out of service. Two people died, five-hundred-and-two were seriously injured. Their accomplices attacked four other trains. Together, they killed thirteen and injured over six thousand.

That was 25 years ago.

Episode One, “Rush Hour of the Gods” comes April 8.